GE Dishwasher Door Falls

Older style GE dishwashers have a door spring and a door cable on each side of the door that holds the door from falling to the floor when opened. After a while these cables and springs can wear out causing the door to fall lower than it should. When replacing the door cable you should always replace both sides at the same time and possibly replace the springs as well.

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GE Door Cable

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GE Door Spring


Follow these simple instructions for replacing the door cable on a GE dishwasher:

  • RemoveĀ  the lower access panels by removing the screws under the door and below the lower panel
  • Unhook the right door spring cable and hook it to the peg located above the white roller
  • Now loop the cable down around the roller and hook both door springs to it
  • Attach the left door spring cable and loop it down around the left roller
  • Pulling one spring at a time to the left, hook them to the left cable
  • Make sure the door and cables move correctly
  • Reinstall the lower access panels


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