How old is My Frigidaire Appliance?

In order to find out how old your Frigidaire appliance is, locate the model number tag and write down the serial number listed below the model number. Frigidaire serial numbers should start with 2 letters with a series of numbers after them (ex. BD91712345). The first letter is the manufacturing location where the appliance was built (see chart below). The second letter is the type of appliance (see chart below). The first number is the year the appliance was manufactured and the next 2 numbers are the week in that year. So if we use the example serial number BD91712345 it would tell us that this Frigidaire appliance was made in Anderson, SC, it is a dryer, and was manufactured the 17th week of the year ending in 9 (could be 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009, etc.)

  Letter Product ID   Letter Manf Location
  A Refrigerator   B Anderson, SC
  B Freezer   L Greenville, MI
  C Washer   M LG/Lucky Goldstar
  D Dryer   N L’Assumption PQ
  E Laundry Center   P Samsung
  F Range   T Kingston, NC
  H Dishwasher   V Springfield, TN
  G/P Microwave   W St. Cloud, MN
  1 N Dehumidifier   X Web City, IA
        4 Juarez, Mexico
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