How to Replace Belt on GE Top Loading Washer

If you have determined that the drive belt on a GE top loading washing machine needs to be replaced because it is worn or broken, follow these simple instructions to get your washer running like new:

Drive Belt WH01X10302      Main Product View

GE Washer Belt

**Make sure to unplug the washing machine before doing any repairs**

  • Insert a putty knife underneath the maintop to release the two spring clips to release the front panel
  • Pull the panel forward and up to remove
  • If still in tact, remove the belt from the motor and pulley shaft (located at the bottom of the cabinet)

**The new belt may be slightly smaller than the drive pulley and will need to be stretched to be installed**

  • Zip tie the belt to the right side of the pulley with the flat side facing outward
  • Loop the belt onto the motor shaft
  • Rotate the belt counterclockwise to fully align the belt
  • With the new belt installed you can remove the zip tie


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