How to Replace Ignition Coil on Briggs & Stratton Small Engine

Follow these step-by-step directions to replace the ignition coil on a Briggs & Stratton small engine found on lawn mowers, edgers, generators, and press washers:

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Ignition Coil

**Make sure the  engine is not hot before doing any repairs and always turn the key to off and remove the spark plug wire**

(Directions below refer to lawn mowers)

  • Remove the starter rope from the rope guide
  • Remove the screws to remove the engine cover
  • Remove the screws securing the gas tank and move the tank aside (some gas may spill out)
  • Remove the mounting screws securing the dip stick tube and remove the tube from the engine (some engine oil may spill)
  • Remove the bolts securing the blower housing and pull the housing off
  • Remove the retaining screws to remove the old ignition coil
  • Disconnect the grounding wire from the old coil
  • Prepare the new ignition coil for installation by attaching the provided spark plug boot or transferring the old boot to the new one
  • Install new ignition coil

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