Icemaker Water Tube is Frozen

If you notice that you really low on ice and the water inlet tube that is at the back of the icemaker is frozen there are a few things you should check.

  1. Water valve - The water valve may not be shutting off when it should allowing a small amount of water to go through the line and into the icemaker fill tube. It then can freeze blocking the tube. If this is the problem the water valve would need to be replaced.
  2. House Water Supply – If there is low water pressure coming from the house it could cause over or under filling of the icemaker, water dispensers to leak, or icemaker fill tubes to freeze. To check the water pressure going to the water valve follow these steps:
  • Turn off the water going to the refrigerator
  • Take off the water line connected to the water valve and put it in a bucket or pan.
  • Turn the water back on, if you have a good strong stream of water then the water valve is most likely bad and needs replacing. If you have a weak stream of water then the water supply shut off valve needs to be replaced.

The frozen water inlet tube can be thawed by gently heating the tube with a hair dryer. It is only plastic so be careful not to overheat it.

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