Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Disassembly

If you have a Whirlpool Cabrio or a Kenmore Oasis front loading washing machine and you need to do a repair or get inside the machine, follow these simple directions:

**Always unplug the washing machine before doing any repairs**

To gain access to the top of the cabinet:

  • Use tape to secure the washer lid in place
  • Use a putty knife to release the retaining clips between the top lid and the cabinet (located approx. 6 1/2″ in on each side of the front)
  • Rotate the main top upward and support it

To gain access to the internal parts of the control panel:

  • Remove the 3 screws on the back of the control panel
  • Rotate the control panel forward

To gain access to the bottom of the cabinet:

  • Turn off the hot and cold water supply valves
  • Remove the hoses from the water inlet valve
  • Remove the drain pump from the laundry tub or stand pipe
  • Secure the washer lid with tape
  • Carefully tip the washer forward so that it rests on its front on carpet, a rug, or a towel

You know have full access to all of the parts of the washing machine. Watch this video to see the steps above:


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